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Delivery Policies

Custom Cakes, Weddings, & Events


We are offering contactless pickup for all of our products 

Delivery is only available for Weddings and Large Events


Occasion Cakes

Occasion cakes are a pickup item – exceptions apply and the delivery fee will be assessed when you place your order 

Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes, as well as cupcakes & cookies for dessert tables are available for delivery. Event catering is also available for delivery

Multi-tiered cakes, dessert tables and cakes with multiple flowers and/or arrangements often require completion on site. One (1) hour prior to guests arriving for the reception is usually required for setup, however, setup time is based on complexity of the design. If required, a setup fee will be added at the time of your order.

For weddings and events, please discuss the location of your venue and setup requirements  at time of booking and placing your order.
If possible, we find it best to coordinate drop off & setup (if applicable) with your wedding planner which relieves stress and ensures that your wedding day goes as smooth as possible.  

If you choose to pick up and transport your order to your venue, we are not liable or responsible damage once the order has been picked up. We recommend that cakes of three (3) or more tiers are delivered by Warrior Cakes due to increased risk of damage during transport. If required, a setup fee will be added at the time of your order

*Delivery Fees are subject to change without notice. Prices are calculated based on current local gas prices at the time of ordering in addition to travel time

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General Order Form
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