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Wedding Cake FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers about Wedding Cakes

Each wedding cake we make is completely custom from scratch. 

Pricing will vary greatly depending on consultation time, number of tiers and size, flavour(s) of both cake and filling(s) and time.

Delivery and setup factor in if applicable.

Often, time is a determining factor in the price a cake. Multiple tiers and/or sugar flowers can take days.

Please see “Pricing” For more info

*Pricing is subject to change as ingredients and gas are becoming more expensive.

There is no minimum order for Wedding Cakes however the smallest size we currently offer is a 4 layer 6″ cutting cake

Please be aware that we do not offer individual cake slices at this time so you must order at least one cake. 

For wedding cakes we are once again offering a safe masked and gloved delivery and setup, 

Delivery will be subject to availability but weddings are given priority. 

Please let us know at the time of enquiry if you think you would require delivery so that we can avoid double booking deliveries. If you are unsure we can advise you as to what we think would be best based on your order.

We believe that a cake should be fully edible and false tiers still need to be frosted. They also make transporting the cake securely to the venue in our CakeSafe more difficult and significantly limit the design possibilities. Lastly, due to the availability and price of large styrofoam rounds, it doesn’t fiscally make sense for our clients and therefore we do not offer false tier cakes at this time.

We recommend booking a consultation with us first but if you are sure you want to go with us we are happy to book a date for you.

To secure a wedding date we take a non-refundable $250.00 deposit. 

This deposit is applied against the final cost of your order. 

This ensure that we will be available on that date to make your wedding cake and offer delivery if needed.

We got double booked this past year due to COVID reschedules but in the future we will not be double booking so that we can ensure the best possible attention to your cake and singularly focused service on your special day.


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Our wedding cakes are designed to fit the vision and style of your special day. When you book your consultation you will speak directly with the cake artist, Becca Hetz, who will discuss and review options, offer suggestions and then conceptualize the final product.

Once your order has been placed, Becca will keep in contact with you via your preferred method (phone, text or e-mail) keeping you apprised of the progress; offering a customized, stress free and personal experience you won’t find anywhere else


Please fill out the order form below and we will contact you shortly to discuss details and book an in person tasting/consultation if required


contact us directly at 613-484-7760

If there are any inspiring features that you saw in past designs and would like incorporated into your wedding cake, please make sure to include them below!

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Helps us to arrange delivery & setup times at the venue and explore table setup options
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